Thursday, January 14, 2010


The Earth is approximately covered under water- ¾ of its surface. The Sun & Moon have attracting powers on our planet while it’s making the terrific speed of 1,037 1/3 miles per hour on its way around the Sun. The Sun draws this water up into the Earth’s rotation which is called gravitation into a fine mist that the naked eye can hardly detect, but, as this mist ascends higher and increases with other mist of water in different currents of the atmosphere until it becomes heavier than gravitation, then it distills back to the Earth in forms of drops of water or drops of ice which depends on how heavy the mist was in the current of air it was in. There are some layers or currents of air that are real cold & warm & some very swift & changeable, so when the water strikes one of a cold current it becomes solid ice in small round drops in form, or, in a light fluffy form which is snow, but this water is never drawn above six miles from the Earth’s surface by the Sun and Moon. The reason it rains back on our planet is because the water cannot get out of the Earths atmosphere with its height speed of rotating around the sun. That makes this impossible! Earthquakes are caused by the Son of Man experimenting with high explosives. In fact, all the above is caused by the Son of Man.

First off, knowing that the Sun & Moon are symbolic to the Man & Woman we can conceptualize how rain, hail, snow, & earthquakes do. As a Man you’re attracting powers need to be knowledged cause you’re gonna draw water from your Woman whether you choose to or not, it’s your nature to have these attracting posers. Your level of intelligence will determine whether it rains, hail, snows, or earthquakes on your Earth (Woman). Water is the substance of earthly life so rain brings about a positive growth in a relationship, but your attitude determines how often it rains. Hail is dangerous & only manifest when the life (water) you’ve drawn up reaches you in a state of anger, thus once the water goes to distill back to the Earth (Woman) it causes her hurt, her ability to deal with this hurt depends on the light you’ve been shining on her, cause she’s the manifestation of your knowledge. If your light never shined bright then the next time there could be an earthquakes. This is the destruction of your relationship cause it damages the foundation & destroys what was built. One must stay divine, meaning pure in their thoughts so as to avoid any attitude that brings anything harsher than rain back down on your Earth (Woman). This is reality & is caused by the Son of Man, who is the Son of Man? Me….You.


I'm from Springfield, Ohio "JL/5542" to be exact. My status there is legendary but all that's irrelevant since May 2005 when the judge slammed the gavel. No hard feelings though, I was in the process of becoming a better person and thus took this set back as a opportunity to grow mentally. From a negative came a positive that far out lasted its predecessor. These maximum security bars could never stop my light from shining.

Moving on I'll give you some background for those of you who don't know me. I'm locked up for "weapons under disability" although I wasn't in physical possession of a gun. I lost at trial and received 61/2 years only 1 yr mandatory so every year I attempt to be released. So far the judge hasn't acknowledged my growth and development, I'll try again May 2010. I have three children, 2 beautiful daughters and 1 pretty-boy son that I love and focus my change around. I'm a 5%er (nation of God's on and Earth's) so I sincerely love Allah's mathematics. My daily goal is mind elevation so I welcome any intelligent conversation or questions. To those who know me and wanna look out I can receive CD's, books, pictures, or money orders at The Inmates Friend c/o Adonte Cherry P.O. box 903 North Fork, CA 93643, or you can get at me directly through mail here at Adonte Cherry #499-538 P.O. Box 45699 Lucasville, OH 45699, or email at

In closing to my beautiful daughters Chi'Anne Adontaya Cherry, and Adontea Alehia Cherry. When you really really miss me and need me there just go to the mirror and look yourself directly in the EYES, you'll see me every time. Stay strong I'm almost home. Isaiah Julian Harding, we're one in the same, my mistakes are so you won't endure the same.

All the oppressed people rise up. All my comrades and soldiers if you war, war for a reason. Loyalty always Sympathy never! Positive Education Always Correct Error PEACE.

God Body Hard Body

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